Winter Wonderland meets Montana!!

  This was at the base of the mountain, so the weather was clear.

This was near the summit, lots of snow!
Today we drove west through the mountains in Montana, on our way to western Washington. All my thoughts faded to silence at the feet of the breathtaking mountains. They were beyond beautiful! There was snow all over the ground around the roads, and higher up the mountains. The roads were surrounded in trees dusted with snow like powdered sugar. When the sun came out from behind the clouds, it reflected off the mountain tops. The snowflakes sparkled like diamonds! I'm awestruck at the beauty of God's creation. The drive through the mountains was a little more exciting than I anticipated. Beside the beautiful scenery, we were faced with snow, rain and a rock slide! The snow built up on our windshield and froze to ice, but melted soon after. We drove past a rock slide on the road, it consumed a whole lane!
Rock Slide!!
When we were down the other side of the mountain, we stopped at a rest stop. Opening the trailer revealed we had a water leak! We're not sure when during the day it developed, but we know that water and snow had seeped into our trailer. It wasn't too bad, but it was in two different places, and it had soaked our carpet. Tonight we will overnight at a truck stop in Eastern Washington, then tomorrow, keep heading west! 


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    1. Thank you!! I took a lot of photos that day, and it was hard choosing which to use!!


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