Seattle, WA

Seattle is a fun tourist town! We go every March for business. This year we only stayed for a weekend. I'll explain why in a minute. We stayed at a KOA that had a view of Mt. Rainier.
Mount Rainier is off to the left out of frame. 
When we came through Seattle last year we stayed at the same KOA, and had much more time for tourist attractions. We did the space needle. (Of course we did the Space needle, you can't go to Seattle and not visit the Space needle!!) We ate dinner at the top, it was the fanciest dinner I have ever had!! We also explored Pikes place. Our wheels? The Semi. You haven't lived until you have driven a semi through Pikes Place!! The first Starbucks was smaller than I imagined. The line was out the door and down the block just like everyone says! This year we only stayed for the weekend because were going home for a few weeks!!! The best part? Three other Full time Families will be coming with us to hang out and see our hometown! I can't wait to show them my house and introduce them to my friends and family! Yesterday we left Seattle and started out drive South. We spent the night in Portland, OR and had dinner with some friends there. Today will be our first time in California in 6 weeks. Then tomorrow we will arrive home!! 


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