Meet my dogs!!

Hunter (on left with tux) and Zoe (on right) sitting in front of the RV Christmas tree 
Traveling is very exciting, but its 10 times more so when you have two 75 lb. dogs in the trailer with you! We have two yellow labs living in the trailer with us named Zoe and Hunter. They are not related, but are the best of friends! They each have their own personalities that crack me up. Dogs are awesome!

Found this Santa hat and just had to take a goofy picture with it!
Hunter is our inspiration story. He was a rescue, we believe he's about 8. Hunter is blind. He has a genetic condition that breeders are supposed to screen for. (We believe he came from a back yard breeder and that's why it slipped through the cracks) He was born with perfect vision, which he kept until about age 2. Then gradually over a year he lost it completely. When we got him 5 years ago he had 10% vision left which is now long gone. Hunter won't let that stop him though! He is always ready for adventure! When on a leash, he will trust you to guide him safely anywhere! In fact he pulls you wherever he wants to go!! He is a very happy dog, and that is what's so inspiring to me. He has an "I'm so happy to just be alive" attitude, even though he can't see anything. He enjoys the simple things. Breakfast is like winning the lottery, and walks are even more exciting than squirrels!
Hunter proudly showing me that he destroyed yet another soccer ball!

Most of all though, he doesn't seem to mind being blind. I cant imagine never being able to see sunsets, or horses playing in a field. Those priceless moments that you can't experience without seeing it.  Hunter is a cuddle bug! He loves hugs, and will give anyone kisses within tongues reach. He also has an addiction to soccer balls.

Zoe at Red Rock, AZ
Zoe is 14 years old. We got her from a breeder, and got to meet her parents! We like to joke that shes Hunter's "seeing eye dog" She loves hunter, but we think sometimes she gets annoyed that he is always at her shoulder. Even though Hunter is blind, he still likes to act like the alpha dog. He keeps Zoe around until he is confident in where he is, then he shoves her out of the way! Zoe is slowing down, and since shes an old lady, she gets special privileges. My dad lifts her in and out of the truck and trailer, and every now and then, she gets to sit on the couch. Hunter does not approve when this happens and sits in a corner and pouts. Zoe is quiet, but still has some puppy in her. Whenever we go to the beach, she loves to play in the waves. It warms our hearts to see her so excited!


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