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Fairbanks, AK

We resided in Fairbanks for 10 days. During which time, many activities filled our schedule. The first half of our stay we got to enjoy an RV park with full hook ups.* Although having this rare privilege was enough reason to celebrate, I was especially excited because a meet up was planned. Reuniting with old friends, and meeting new, one of my favorite parts of traveling full time. We broke bread together one night and I paused for a moment to dwell in this moment of special community.
I also walked my first 10K! (Let me pat myself on the back real quick.) I finished just under two hours. As I neared the finish line it was as if time slowed to a crawl. My focus shifted from finishing to soaking in the moment. I remember hearing the sound of the crowd cheering, but my brain distanced the sound, it was to busy sponging up the moment. The sight of the huge LED clock warped me back into time and I got a second wind. I ran a little faster, pushing my aching body to fight to the finish. A…