We made it home!!

Today we completed a 7000 mile loop of the US since the last time we were home. For the first time, we are bringing home friends! Three other Full time families will be staying at local RV parks! I'm very excited to get to show them my "life before the RV." But this blog is about my adventures. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Let me tell you something, every moving day is an adventure! Last night we boondocked at a Walmart. When I woke up this morning, the whole trailer was very quiet... too quiet. Normally I hear the electric heaters, or the dehumidifier, but both were silent. I also noted how dark the trailer was. (We have a few nightlights throughout the trailer so we can see if we get up during the night.) Then it dawned on me! I bet the generator is out of fuel! I got up just as my dad was going outside to refill it. I fully expected power in about 30 seconds. It didn't come. My dad came back and said something was wrong with the generator. He believes its a bad spark plug. (I am SO glad I plugged in my phone last night!) So we packed up ASAP and prayed that we would be able to get the slides in and jacks up using the batteries. The slides and jacks did go in, although they moaned like there was no tomorrow!! We decided to go to Starbucks for breakfast (always a plus!) then hit the road!
Made it home!!
This is where we stay when we come home. In this spot, we are on our property, concealed from the road, and have full hook-ups.


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