Tell it to you Thursday (but on Friday!)

Here's your Q&A this week!

Glad you made it home! How long will you be there? -Heather

Thank you for your question! We will be home for about 3 weeks. After that we have a meet up with about 10 other Fulltime Families in Oregon.

Hi Madison! I'd love to know what place(s) you most look forward to seeing on your travels and why you are excited about them. Also, of the places you have visited, what place(s) surprised you in some way and why. 

I am very excited to go to Alaska. I am a landscape photographer. I can't wait to capture the raw beauty of Alaska's scenery. The Grand Canyon was the most surprising place I have been to. It was so much larger than I imagined. The colors were breathtaking! I would love to go back sometime and hike down into the canyon.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for your answers. I love that you are a landscape photographer and I look forward to seeing Alaska through my eyes as well as yours! :)


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