Our Newest Family!

I was looking back at my posts about Canada, and realized I haven't shared much about the family we are traveling with! Now buckle your seat belts because this family will knock you off your feet!

Meet The Ledeboer Family, our... well, I'm not really sure what to call them. Friends seems to vague, were totally family by now. (I love when we have spontaneous potlucks. Food, fellowship, and good company, what could be better??) Now, let me tell you a little bit about them.
Mr. Ledeboer (top left) is super cool. He loves being outdoors and exploring. One of his favorite outside pastimes is fishing. (My brother is very excited about this, and has declared many times that he can't wait to go fishing with Mr. Ledeboer.) This life style suits him well. 
Mrs. Ledeboer (top middle) is way awesome! She is a phenomenal writer. Her style is unique and relatable. The words that she uses when she writes makes you feel as if you were with her, experiencing things with her. Her main canvas is her blog (This is where I spent a while trying to link her blog, but I could not figure out how so I'll just add her URL) It's defiantly worth checking out http://faithtakesflight.com/  She is also a workout instructor. We have been working out together for a while and I really like it. Regular routine is to workout at 8:30 am. (Let me tell you something about myself. I am NOT a morning person. I want to be... but I'm also a night owl and so getting up early has always been hard for me.) Although our workouts have been working my body, they also have sharpened my self discipline. I now get up at 8 am everyday, eat, get dressed, and am outside their trailer to workout by 8:30. 
Hunter (top right) has become a good friend of mine. Our strengths complement each other nicely, and we enjoy teaching each other new things. I'm teaching him to cook and in return I have a new chess partner, and a video game instructor. We are both very interested in strategy games, and could spend all day playing them. Our favorite games are Chess, Settlers of Catan, and Risk. 

Risk is our current go to game. A friend taught me how to play about a month ago and I recently had the chance to purchase it. I taught all the kids how to play and we have played it a lot since. 
Quinten (bottom left in top picture) is very smart. Some of his hobbies include reading and playing chess. He enjoys playing strategy games but especially loves playing risk. His favorite state is Hawaii, and he doesn't like coconut. (Smart kid) 
Tanner (bottom middle in top picture) is so sweet. He loves giving hugs. (And I love getting hugs so it's awesome) Every morning when I see him, he gives me a hug. He's always smiling except when he's joke frowning (Which is so cute because it's hard for him to stay "frowning" and he normally ends up laughing at himself.) He also loves reading and playing chess. (I speak from experience, he has beaten me more times than I would like to admit...) 
And last but not least, Ashlyn. (Bottom right in top picture) Ashlyn has an incredible personality and a funny sense of humor. She has many hobbies including arts and crafts, reading, chess, and video games. A few weeks ago, I taught her how to knit. She picked it up fast and ran with it! She is a wiz at chess and Minecraft, and every other game she plays. Especially Settlers of Catan. Good luck playing that with her! Her favorite video game is Minecraft. She taught me how to play and I really like it. I never understood why people liked Minecraft so much and thought it was just another fad... Now I understand why. It's like virtual Legos. You can embrace your creative side, and try to survive monster attacks at the same time. 

I'm very greatful we get to travel with the ledeboers. They are continually blessing my family. I can't wait to continue to get to know them, and grow friendships. 


  1. Excellent description of this truly amazing family. Really enjoying your writing. You are truly gifted. <3

    1. Thanks mom, I'm very thankful that God has gifted me in this way. I'm excited to continue to use my gift for the good, and His glory.

  2. You've blessed us with your words Madison, we have so enjoyed our time with you and your family. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life and thank you for extending so much kind encouragement to us through your written word. :)

    1. Absolutely Mrs. Ledeboer! You and your family inspire me every day to be a better person and to stretch and grow myself. I'm very blessed that we get to travel with you guys. Thank you for inspiring me every day.


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