Extreme to Extreme Alaska!!!

WE MADE IT TO ALASKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
About 3 weeks ago we crossed into Alaska for my first time. This was a big mile marker for my family. We had talked about going to Alaska for the last 6 months, and we had finally made it. Right after the border crossing was the "Welcome to Alaska" sign. Overjoyed, we pulled over to take a photo by the sign.*

Although this was a big deal for us, it was a huge deal for our friends. They had just crossed into their 50th state! (That's like, a really big deal for full timers!) We crossed into Skagway, Alaska, which is down the panhandle. 

Skagway was a little tourist town. We learned a lot of history about the town, and about the start of the Gold Rush. I think we also all really enjoyed catching up on internet. After a few days of resupplying, we were ready to be back on the road. There is no highway up the pan handle, so we crossed back into Canada to continue north. Our next goal in mind was Fairbanks, AK.

*The border was over a mountain pass. So when we got out to take a picture by the sign, it was freezing and snowing. 


  1. It's been so fun traveling with you! I'm glad you got to be with us for our 50th state crossing!

    1. Thank you! I have really enjoyed traveling with you guys as well. I will never forget how excited you guys were. The smiles that radiated from your faces, and the excitement that permeated the air was contagious. I'm really glad I got to experience that special moment with you.


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