Canada's Wildlife

We saw a ton of wildlife all throughout Canada. We saw bears.

We saw a few herds of bison.

We met this hungry fox who sat staring at us hoping for a handout. (Although he looked sweet and cuddly, we didn't approach him to find out.)

We saw tons of long horned sheep, and even found a horn from one later in a field.

We also saw a few moose. Unfortunately I was not able to get out my camera fast enough. However, I did get a photo of a moose in Alaska!

We also saw many kinds of smaller animals. Birds, squirrels, and rabbits to name a few. Many insects were spotted as well. Stunning butterflies, bumble bees, spiders and mosquitoes to name a few. 
Meet Hope and Faith. Named by Ashlyn and I. 
I really enjoyed experiencing all the beautiful wildlife in Canada. However though, I also embraced the chance to connect with the wildlife in my home. My dog Hunter  and I had some mini adventures during our free time in Canada. One of which was dress up.

Another was being off leash on a beach chewing a stick (and thoroughly enjoying it)

Another time he was given an empty peanut butter jar. He worked on that one for hours, then proudly showed me once he had finished. 


  1. LOL I loved the addition of your adventures with Hunter!

    1. ;) Thanks!! I think he is having a great time!

  2. Adorable post! I loved seeing all the cool wildlife you're encountering on your journey.


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