Banff National Park

Our first destination on the way to Alaska was Banff National Park. I think this was the most beautiful RV park that I have stayed at yet! Banff national park has different "sections" within it's borders. We stayed at Lake Louise. This is what it looked like when we pulled in...

Paralleling the campground was a beautiful river. It was about 100 ft. from our site, so we went to see it often. There was a few trails along the river that we hiked and got amazing photos. 

During our stay, we went on a few sightseeing trips. The first was Lake Louise.
I found this wall and just sat in silence for a few minuets. I was awestruck at the raw beauty of God's beautiful creation.
Next we visited lake Moraine
There was a large pile of rocks and sticks that we were able to climb to get a better view of the lake. The view was awesome. I was so amazed at how blue the water was. I also believe that going to such a breathtaking place forever ruined lakes for me. It will definitely be hard for other lakes to measure up to that. Then again Alaska may just blow my mind...


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