Alaska highway mile zero!

Wow, so many of our friends had taken pictures under this sign, and now it was our turn. We were all so excited! It was mile zero of the Alaskan highway, the start of the final stretch. This was a big deal for all of us and we were pumped to be here. So we pulled off the road, and took our picture. 
As soon as we finished taking our picture, we went into the Information center and binged on their WiFi. We got there about 30 minutes before they closed and stayed until they kicked us out.
FUN FACT: The original sign was in the middle of an intersection, and someone hit it with their car. So, they renovated the one in the intersection, and built another one one the side of the road to take pictures under. (We acted like rebels though, and also ran out into the intersection to take a picture with the original sign... because why not??)


  1. What a great reminder that God is everywhere, just like the wind. We can't see it but we can feel it. <3


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