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Today's society moves so quickly. Picture the average American family. I'm imagining mom and dad and two or three kids. Do you see them? They wake up on Monday morning and scramble out of bed. Dad gets in the shower and then dressed for his six figure job that takes up all his time. Mom wakes up and gets the kids out of bed while she waits for the shower. Then everyone eats so fast they barely get to chew. Next they get in their fancy car and rush off to school. Mom then proceeds to work. The kids are at school being force fed so much information and being told to memorize it all. After school they go their separate way to their extra curricular activities. Then they have to do their homework which takes up most of their evening. Mom and dad get home later that evening and barely get to see their kids. They all go to bed just to get up and do it all over again the next day. Sound overwhelming? You bet! I'm exhausted just imagining this. But maybe you are familiar with thi…