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Canada's Wildlife

We saw a ton of wildlife all throughout Canada. We saw bears.
We saw a few herds of bison.

We met this hungry fox who sat staring at us hoping for a handout. (Although he looked sweet and cuddly, we didn't approach him to find out.)
We saw tons of long horned sheep, and even found a horn from one later in a field.
We also saw a few moose. Unfortunately I was not able to get out my camera fast enough. However, I did get a photo of a moose in Alaska!
We also saw many kinds of smaller animals. Birds, squirrels, and rabbits to name a few. Many insects were spotted as well. Stunning butterflies, bumble bees, spiders and mosquitoes to name a few.  I really enjoyed experiencing all the beautiful wildlife in Canada. However though, I also embraced the chance to connect with the wildlife in my home. My dog Hunter  and I had some mini adventures during our free time in Canada. One of which was dress up.

Another was being off leash on a beach chewing a stick (and thoroughly enjoying it)

Our Newest Family!

I was looking back at my posts about Canada, and realized I haven't shared much about the family we are traveling with! Now buckle your seat belts because this family will knock you off your feet!
Meet The Ledeboer Family, our... well, I'm not really sure what to call them. Friends seems to vague, were totally family by now. (I love when we have spontaneous potlucks. Food, fellowship, and good company, what could be better??) Now, let me tell you a little bit about them. Mr. Ledeboer (top left) is super cool. He loves being outdoors and exploring. One of his favorite outside pastimes is fishing. (My brother is very excited about this, and has declared many times that he can't wait to go fishing with Mr. Ledeboer.) This life style suits him well.  Mrs. Ledeboer (top middle) is way awesome! She is a phenomenal writer. Her style is unique and relatable. The words that she uses when she writes makes you feel as if you were with her, experiencing things with her. Her main can…

Extreme to Extreme Alaska!!!

WE MADE IT TO ALASKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
About 3 weeks ago we crossed into Alaska for my first time. This was a big mile marker for my family. We had talked about going to Alaska for the last 6 months, and we had finally made it. Right after the border crossing was the "Welcome to Alaska" sign. Overjoyed, we pulled over to take a photo by the sign.*
Although this was a big deal for us, it was a huge deal for our friends. They had just crossed into their 50th state! (That's like, a really big deal for full timers!) We crossed into Skagway, Alaska, which is down the panhandle. 

Skagway was a little tourist town. We learned a lot of history about the town, and about the start of the Gold Rush. I think we also all really enjoyed catching up on internet. After a few days of resupplying, we were ready to be back on the road. There is no highway up the pan handle, so we crossed back into Canada to continue north. Our next goal in mind was Fairbanks, AK.
*The border was over a mount…

Most Memorable Travel day Yet- Mosquito Alley

We recently experienced our most memorable travel day. Ever. It started out as a great day and ended as... well you will find out soon. It started out as a normal day. We left our previous overnight and headed out to keep on our way to Alaska. Our goal was Dawson city, YK from Whitehorse, YK. It was about 250 miles. We made a handful of educational stops along the way, resulting in us having to stop sooner than our destination. We decided to boondock on the side of the road at Gravel Lake.... REALLY. BAD. IDEA!!! While we were setting up, we realized there was a TON of mosquitoes!! It was so bad! Like, use a half a bottle of bug spray and cover every inch of skin just to survive any potential attacks bad... No, I'm not kidding! Although we longed for the safety from these menacing creatures that our trailers provided, our stomachs disagreed and demanded we make dinner. Ironically we chose to Barbecue that night, so we hung out with the mosquitoes a while longer. I'd like to …