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Bar SZ Ranch

I just completed a week long internship at one of my favorite places on earth! I interned at a ranch near the Pinnacles called Bar SZ ranch. It is a family run dude ranch with every type of farm animal you can think of! They have goats, chickens, sheep, donkeys, pigs, cats, a dog, a turkey, ducks, ponies, and horses. (They show most of those animals!) It may sound like this is just another ranch, and to some people it may be. But this ranch has a special place in my heart. The family that runs the ranch is so many things. They are nice, fun, and good teachers, but one thing stood out to me the most. They are very trusting and willing to teach, just because it brings them joy. (Their head trainer, Michelle, is amazing! She teaches because it brings her joy and she loves watching people have that ah-ha moment when everything clicks into place.. She is so patient, and loves when people ask questions. I love taking lessons from her!) They also trusted me with their horses. They would sho…

What do you want Wednesday

HEY READERS!! I WANT YOUR FEEDBACK!!! What do you want Wednesday is a way that you can ask me whatever you want and get answers! I'll read through everything asked from last thursday until this Wednesday night, and answer each question this Thursday!! Post your questions in the comments below and I'll answer you! I cant wait to hear from you! Don't be shy! I am open book, so... What do you want to know???