Travel update!!

Hello Friends!! It's been awhile since we have had adventures together hasn't it? Well, buckle up for a little adventure around home!


Recently my family and I finished a 3 month stay in our hometown in California. It was our longest stay since we moved into our RV.

After spending a while in the desert, I drank up the beautiful California fall colors. Nature is breathtaking to me, I feel it reveals God tender joy in simple creations. Job 12:7-10

Random fact number 273 about me, I LOVE roses like so much. I am going to have rose bushes someday. Fire and ice roses are my favorite and particularly beautiful! Here I am enjoying God's beautiful art. My great grandmother grows these beautiful flowers, and this was the last of her crop. We spent the afternoon reminiscing over old family photos. (I'm talking stuff from the 80s, Did you know womens hair really was THAT HUGE?)

Next came a big family Christmas! Lots of food and smiles everywhere! In the RV, its a baby tree for us! Although admittedly a case of first world problems, we are allergic to a real tree. (Also our dog likes to eat them haha) Our solution was to put DoTerra holiday Essential oil blend on a wooden ornament, filling the house with Christmassy smells. Isaiah 9:6

Then the turn of the decade! WOW! It felt like leaving an old season and stepping into something new. How has 2020 been for you so far? My family has a tradition that we always take a goofy photo and post it at midnight on New Years. What do you think? Do you have any traditions?

Soon, we had another big day, my great grandfather's 90th party! Italian food, cake, and beaded necklaces all around! So blessed to have so many wonderful years together. Love you Papa! Proverbs 16:31

While we were in our hometown, my dad worked on a big project with our trailer. He added lots of steel to reinforce the frame so we could tow our new car! Check it out! Guess what we call it? At 80 feet long, we are now affectionately known as "The Train" (You can just make out our car behind the whole rig!)

After leaving our hometown we headed south to Pismo Beach. The rolling waves roar his power and majesty! Job 9:8, Psalm 96:11-12

Pismo Beach starring Madison's thumb haha
Lastly we stopped in El Centro for business, but not without a few fun selfies!

Now we are on the road again, look out world because here we come!


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