Lessons from Avocados??

When I was younger and went to Sunday school, I loved object lessons. The teacher brought something from home and explained how that thing was an example of something the bible taught. As I got older and out grew Sunday school I kept searching for object lessons. I find that if we look, our eyes reveal them to be everywhere. We see them in Even our pets. Recently I noticed an object lesson that I found to be applicable to anyone. 

A few weeks ago my family bought a bag of avocados from the store. This is not uncommon for my family as we enjoy having avocados to cook with and snack on. However this bag was bad. We had the avocados for almost three weeks and they would not ripen. I got impatient waiting and tried to cut one open. I slipped and stabbed my finger. I was using a dull knife so I'm fine, it didn't cut too deep but it stunned me a bit. When I finally got it open the avocado was extremely hard. I had to cut the meat off the seed. I made a snack with it but it was bitter. It did not satisfy my desire for avocado because it wasn't meant to be eaten yet. 

This "object lesson" makes me think about life. Our heavenly father has more good things in store for us than we can imagine.* However, He blesses us on His timeline. Some things are off limits for us right now because we aren't ready for them. We desire the sweet, juicy fruit but it only tastes like that when we eat it at the right time. When we try to get things on our timeline its like eating the fruit before its ripe. The good thing is instead bitter and unsatisfying. Sometimes we even hurt ourselves. Usually this is where I would insert examples, but this time I think I won't. I'll leave you with a question. 

What fruit are you trying to eat today before its ripe and ready? 

*God is the maker of Heaven and Earth. There is no doubt that He can give us anything and everything. He sent His only son to die a brutal death for us. If He would do that for us, why wouldn't He bless us with everything good? 


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